Power of the Ancients

Death-Force Manipulation

In the world of the ancients, a power that was forbidden to possess, or even learn was the manipulation of the Death-Force. Users of death-force manipulation can create, shape, and manipulate the very essence of death, which exists in all mortals throughout the universe. This power is the complete opposite of Life-Force manipulation; whereas the life-force allows things to flourish, the death-force causes all things to rot, wither, weaken and eventually die. Users can sense and manipulate the essence that allows death, destruction, and decay to exist in the universe. This, in turn, allows them to control decayed matter or to request assistance from the dead. Those with the imagination to envision greatness and see beauty in the darkness have the best potential to master this power.

In essence, users of this power,(if powerful enough) can become the very embodiment of death itself. However, no power belonging to the ancients is without limitations; those whom possess immortality may have varying degrees of resistance/ immunity, as there are differing levels of immortality. Users of Life-Resilience are completely immune to all form of Death-Force Manipulation. The counter is, of course, Life-Force manipulation.


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