Power of the Ancients


One of the most coveted and varied ability possessed by the Ancients, simply put: immortality is the ability to never die. Those blessed or cursed with immortality possess and infinite lifespan, and can tank virtually any and all kinds physical damage. There are two types; defensive type immortality is preventing all damage from manifesting on the user, and regenerative type provides an almost instantaneous recovery from all things. There are five levels of immortality, and each level is different from the last.

  1. Semi-Immortality: the Ancients that possessed this level of immortality did not age, and as such did not die via senescence. They did, however, remain vulnerable to mortal wounds, disease, and foreign substances. Enemies with psychic powers may still harm possessors.
  2. Reliant Immortality: these Ancients gained immortality through theft or experimentation, acquiring immortality by anchoring their life-force to certain objects, sources, concepts, or et cetera. As such, destruction of their anchor will end their immortality. The physical body can and will still die, the soul is the only piece of the user that is immortal, and thusly, the user may require continuous intake of their source and/or maintenance of their objects that grant them immortality.
  3. Immortality: used as either a blessing or curse, Ancients with normal immortality cease aging at a certain point, and are immune to diseases, drugs and toxins. Wounds, even nearly fatal ones will heal almost instantly. Immortality can be removed by more skilled Ancients or by those whom bestowed it. Time-Manipulation users can erase the user from existence, as opposed to biologically killing them. This may also only apply to Biological Immortality, resulting in the mind/ soul remaining mortal.
  4. Unfettered Body: Ancients with this level of immortality cannot age beyond a certain point. The body is completely immune to physical damage, toxins, and pathogens, though on the off chance the Ancient(s) is harmed, they may not regenerate. Their mind and soul remain vulnerable, and Time-Manipulation users can erase the user from existence.
  5. Absolute Immortality: the very few Ancients to transcend to Absolute Immortality are truly in all senses absolute; they don’t age; they are immune to all diseases, toxins and drugs; all wounds and injuries heal instantly; the mind and soul are also immortal; and due to the absolute nature of the users power, it cannot be removed, nor can the user be erased from any existing timelines.

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