Lost Guide to Creatures

The Ziz

In the time of the Ancients, there were many creatures sought for various reasons; powers, hidden wealth amassed over several generation, total domination, or absolute annihilation. Out of the many creatures the Ancients studied and sought, there has been one that very few have encountered. This is the mighty Ziz.

Beyond enormous, the Ziz is an immortal creature known as the King of Birds, whose head touches the sky, whilst its feet rest upon the ground. Its wings eclipse the very sun and protect Earth from wind storms. The Ancients foretold that during the End of Days, the Ziz will die and its flesh will be consumed by the righteous, the Leviathan (Lord of the Sea) and the Behemoth (Lord of the Land). The Ziz itself is said to be Griffin-like in appearance, and rivals both the Leviathan and Behemoth in size. Through its immortality, the Lord of the Sky has become a metaphoric entity along with its deific brethren; representing the manifestation of air and space, while the Leviathan represents water and the Behemoth represents the land.


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