Lost Guide to Creatures


Known as the Dominican Succubus, the Ciguapa is a supernatural being living in the deepest mountain regions of the Dominican Republic. She is said to have dark brown or blue skin complete with eyes blacker than the depths of the abyss. She prefers the freedom of nudity, wearing only her long black hair.

The Ciguapa’s feet are turned backwards, thereby leaving a false trail to would-be pursuers. She, and those like her, are said to be the spirits of Taino women that died while hiding from Spanish settlers in the Cordillera Central. At night, they haunt the mountain trails and seduce young men to their deaths via drowning.

It is also said that the Ciguapa resemble nocturnal birds that cry with a human-like voice. Deathly jealous creatures, the howling of the Ciguapa during the cover of night maybe be a harbinger of death for your mate if one has fallen in love with you.

For those of you that traverse the mountains of the Dominican Republic under the cover of dusk, I prithee; tread carefully.


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