Illuminated by the Blood Moon

The Elevator Game

Warning: If you have/ suffer from nytophobia (fear of the dark) or autophobia (fear of lonliness/ solitude), or have problems with interdimensional travel, please do not play this game.

The Elevator game is an Asian ritual game whose origin is based in South Korea. It is said that this game allows the player to travel to another dimension known as The Other World. The Other World is indistinguishable from our plane of existence with the exception of two things: 1) in the distance is a red cross, and 2) it is extremely dark. Keep in mind that this is a solo player game; the ritual only works if you play alone. It is said that despite the darkness, flashlights and the like do not work in Other World.

The steps to play the game are as follows:

  1. Enter an elevator alone.
  2. Travels to floors: 4-2-6-10-5
  3. At the fifth floor, a woman may possibly enter the elevator. Do NOT acknowledge her or look at her, even her reflection.
  4. Once at the fifth floor, press the first floor button.

If you press the first floor button and you go down, you must exit the elevator immediately without looking at the woman that has entered with you. If you go up when you press the first floor button, don’t panic, for you are about to enter the Other World. It is a possibility that the woman will ask you “Where are you going?”

It is imperative that you do not answer, look at, or acknowledge her presence. When you exit the elevator on the tenth floor, if the ritual is done correctly, then you have arrived. Mark the elevator which you used, for it is your only way home. Also, take note of how you feel; too dizzy or nauseous, and you may get disoriented and forget which elevator you arrived in. If you fall asleep, you will wake up at home. This would be fine, if you were back in our home dimension. When you awake, it will be at your home in Other World.

To go back home, enter the elevator you came in, and repeat the ritual and push the first floor button. If you go up again, press and other button before you arrive at the tenth floor. It is said, however, that some people have experienced an intense compulsion to not press a button. If you value your life and/ or sanity, press the button. If you do reach the first floor, ensure that everything is normal and leave.


Have fun.


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