Lost Guide to Creatures


The birth of children is called “The Miracle of Life.” Undoubtedly, bringing a new life into the world is a beautiful thing, a true miracle amidst the living, breathing nightmares we find ourselves surrounded by in our day-to-day lives. However, even the most beautiful of things have the tendency to take dark and often times tragic turns. Depending on your belief system, dead children, usually infantile, become creatures of the Divine. In others, an unbaptized infant joins the ranks of the damned.

In the realm of Malaysia, the spirit of a dead or stillborn child becomes a creature known as the “birth-demon”, the Pontianak. Though they are also seen in their original infantile form, they often adopt the form of an owl, which appears during the night. It should be noted that they possess supernatural powers; this includes the ability to climb trees unaided and traverse thin branches that should not be able to hold their weight. Oddly enough, they are often times confused with another creature because of the similarities of their origins and so forth, which is known as the Langsuyar.


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